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Just over 10 years ago, due to the passion Stephen has for seaplane flying we started a flying school based out of St Angelo Airport (Enniskillen), called The Amphibious Flying Club with its main goal of teaching the seaplane rating on the unrestricted waters of Ireland and Northern Ireland. With our first family aircraft, the Maule M7 235B Super Rocket Amphibian “Foxy Charlie”, we started training our first Seaplane Ratings. It was the first Maule Amphibian on the UK register. As our popularity grew around the airport and due to a big demand we extended our operations to cover PPL training including the IMC Rating and Night Qualification with 2 Cessna 152 Aircraft.


In 2010, after a lot of hard work, Lakeland Seaplane Tours was set up and awarded an Air Operators Certificate allowing us to operate our Seaplane fully commercially around Ireland and Northern Ireland including operations from Seaplane Festivals such as Biscarrosse, France. We even operated on the River Foyle in Derry, the city of culture for 2013.

After 10 years of a safe and successful operation in the skies and waters across Ireland the lack of tourism to the area and the high operating costs, we made the hard decision to close the company’s down.


Why we are here,


This is where Specialist Flight Training comes in! As an ATO, we intend to keep our huge experience of flying Seaplanes going. We plan to add more types as time goes on but for now our Seaplane Ratings and Single Engine Turbine Ratings are safe within the UK through SFT. Stephen is also signed off to conduct OPC checks providing a valuable service to companies like Glass Eels who would otherwise struggle to keep their AOC alive without an ATO to keep their pilots going.




A bit about Stephen,


Started flying with the Air Cadets in 1974 and then gliding at Husbands Bosworth gaining his Bronze C and Self Launching Motor Gliding Licence. Converting to a PPL at the flying club at East Midlands Airport when a bad summers thermals eluded him.


Over 5000 hours instructional time

Over 1000 hours in Seaplanes


Instructor in PPL, IMC, Night, SEP Sea, MEP, IR, CPL, SET

Examiner in PPL, MEP, IMC, SEP Sea, SET, IR, IR(R)


ATO: 0333P

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