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We are currently working in partnership with Glass Eels to be able to provide a Single Engine Turbine, Air Operators Certificate allowing us to conduct commercial A-B flights in IMC and Night conditions. This will unlock massive potential for Cessna Caravan, not only being able to conduct passenger flights in less than perfect weather, but also being able to carry out cargo flights at a much reduced cost in comparison to Twin Engine Aircraft that companies are forced to use currently.

It is not just cost that makes the Caravan perfect for this type of work. It has a fantastic safety record, even compared to many twin engine aircraft being used for similar jobs. The single engine turbine is more efficient than its avgas rivals making it more effiecient and enviromentally friendly. It is capable of flying at the same speeds as its rivals without complex undercarriage restricting its landing conditions to tarmac meaning we take full loads in and out of grass runways. With all of its pros its easy to see why the Cessna is used widely throughtout Canada and America without the same restrictions it currently has in the UK.


If you are interested in our progress please feel free to contact us.


ATO: 0333P

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