Cessna SET (Land)

Specialist Flight Training

ATO: 0333P

From £6550


- Includes Ground School & Test

- 5 Hours Flight Instruction

- Aircraft Hire for Test

- Examiners Fee

- Landing Fees


The course requirements are:

•Minimum of 5 hours of flight training on the aircraft

•Ground School minimum of 8 hours

•Ground exam

•Flight test


The SET class rating will be conducted over a period of 3 – 5 days depending on previous flying experience, currency and weather conditions.

The SET class rating course is usually undertaken as one continuous course, but it can be taken in lesson modules.



Pre-entry requirements


Be at least 17 years of age;

Be in possession of a Class One (or Two) medical certificate before training commences; and

Hold at least an EASA PPL(A) or validated ICAO licence.


ATO: 0333P

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